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We are the premiere dog sledding adventure in the Pocono Mountains located at the Inn at Pocono Manor.

Click here for a video of what to expect on your tour.

You are the MUSHER! We operate Dog Sled Training Tours on snow covered groomed trails on the Inn at Pocono Manor's pristine Golf Courses Trails. You learn to mush which is standing on the back of the Dog Sled on two runners (like skis) and drive the team of huskies. Friends and Family take turns mushing or riding as passengers in the basket of the dog sled. The skill required to dog sled is similar to riding a mountain bike, skiing or skate boarding. You participate in the entire adventure. This is not a ride. It's a learning experience and adventure of a lifetime!

Typically 6 to 8 guests are booked together on a tour. This means if you are a party of (3) you will be booked on a tour with other guests.   The entire experience is about 90 minutes.  This includes the time for you to check in at Manor Sports, traveling to the base camp, receiving instructions, meeting and playing with the huskies, your tour, and of course taking lots of photographs.

Guests participate in a relay type adventure taking turns as the MUSHER, or the passenger sitting in the dog sled basket. You also get to follow along next to the dog sled on a snowmobile driven by a guide so that you can take pictures of your family and friends. If you wish to experience your own private tour (for 1-4 guests) see the pricing tab for the Adventurer tour.  You simple purchase the entire tour for your group for $390. 

When we are operating the PAW on the calendar indicates we are sold out.

We operate December 2014 through February 2015 (if we are lucky the first weekend in March 2015)

All Snow Sledding reservations are only made online.

Dog Snow Sledding Information (for more see the Got Questions Tab)

Payment the day of the tour is by CASH ONLY. Arctic Paws does not have access to a credit card machine on site.


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