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Video all about the Arctic Paws Dog Sledding Experience

Weekend Trip Idea: Dogsledding in NEPA

Watch a video made by our wonderful guests!

 Question:Do your sled dogs race?
 We have one rescue P'Nut who was rescued when the racing owner left him at a shelter.  All other huskies are professional touring huskies.  We do not race our dogs to ensure the best possible experience for you and your family.  (all ages)  Just like there are professional race horses and trail horses.  The dogs know their job is to take care of guests of all ages and make certain every one has the fantastic opportunity to mush the dogs at a slow pace.  Top speed for our tour huskies is about 5-8 mph.  With the exception of the ride back to base camp when they pick up speed.  They are professionals and know their job is to provide you with a wonderful adventure.
Question:I received a copy of my tour request by email.  It says this is not a confirmation.  When will I receive my confirmation?

Dog sledding depends on the cooperation of the weather and plenty of snow!  To be fair - we only confirm your tour when we are 100% certain there will be snow on the trails the day you requested.  Typically we will confirm or cancel between Monday and Tuesday prior to the weekend.  Always check the home page of the website for updates on the current conditions. If there isn't any snow - we can't go!

Question:Tour time - will I always get the tour time I requested?

*Not always* 

We do our best to confirm you & your guests at the tour time you request.  However if you request a tour for (4) guests at 1:30PM and we only have room for (2) you may be confirmed on a tour at 11:30AM. Please be flexible when requesting the tour.  Be sure to share this with all your guests to set the best expectations. 

Question:Do you have a wait list?
Answer*NO* What we suggest is that you watch the home page on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before the weekend.  Most people cancel then and we open up the calendar when guests cancel.  The reason we do not maintain a wait list because most of the time guests make other plans.
QuestionAre you carting now when there isn't any snow?

We offer a dog carting tour in the spring and fall.  In the winter we may offer dog carting if there is no snow.  We are only able to cart if the conditions on the trail are safe.  If there is ice, mud or rain we do not cart.  The home page of the website will let you know if we are carting in place of snow sledding. Carting is $45 per person all ages.

*We do not use a dog sled with wheels as we have found that is not stable.  We use a golf-cart when we are carting with the dogs*  It's fantastic because the huskies just know they are out having fun with our guests.

Question CartingHow do we book a dog carting tour?
Answer CartingDog carting tours are available to book in the Spring and Fall.  Typically April & May and then in October & November.  Or we may offer carting when we have no winter snow.  Carting is $45 per guest all ages.
QuestionDo you know when it will snow?
AnswerNo! If we did we would be very special and we would be famous! (smile)
 QuestionWhat does a paw on the calendar mean?
 AnswerThe Paw indicates we are either sold out or not operating that day or those hours.
 QuestionWhat if we are booked for snow sledding and you are going to be dog carting?
 AnswerWe will email you to let you know we are dog carting.  We ask you to confirm in writing that you are coming to see the Huskies and would like to cart.  If you only wish to snow dog sled you must either cancel your tour or move to another date in the future. 
Question How do I make a reservation?
Answer All reservations for snow sledding are made on-line using the "Request a Tour" tab.
Question How do I know what dates and times are available?
Answer We post an online reservation process with a calendar to select dates and times.   The Calendar is linked on the Request a Tour tab.  PAWS mean we are either closed due to being sold out *OR* We may not be operating due to no snow on the dog sled trails.
Question How much does a tour cost?

For the January - March 3, 2014  Season

$35 for 5 - 10 year old

$60 all other (this is whether you are riding in the basket or mushing the sled)

Children under 5 are not permitted on any of the equipment. The mushing adventure is not appropriate for little ones.   It's not a ride and requires participation.

Children under the age of 18 *must be accompanied by someone over 18*

QuestionHow do I pay for the tour?

Payment for your tour is CASH only at check in the day of the tour  (we are not able to accept checks)  Reservations are guaranteed online with a credit card.  The card is only used if you no show without canceling by email 48 hours prior

Question Do you accept Credit Cards
Answer We do not have the ability to accept credit cards on site the day of the tour. We are out in the woods on the trails.
Question How do I cancel a reservation?
Answer Instructions to cancel will posted after December 16, 2013.  Always in writing and 48 hours prior to your tour (dogsledtour@yahoo.com)
Question When do you operate?

Snow Sledding is typically from mid December through the end of February

Friday 11:30 PM and 3:300PM

Saturday 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Sunday  9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Holidays 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM*

*Holidays dates are December 21 - January 1  ~ January 18 - 20 ~ February 15 - 17


QuestionWhat does mushing mean?
Answer Please click here for the What is Mushing information  For a video on what our tours are like click here
Question How long is the tour?
Answer The entire experience takes about a little over one hour. This includes check in time, signing the waiver, instructions on how to mush the sled, meeting the Huskies and taking pictures.  Take all the time you want to meet the huskies!
 Question:How many sleds go out?

*ONE* We use one sled.  Guest take turns riding on the back as the musher and sitting in the basket as the passenger.  There are two people on the sled at one time.  Often smaller children will ride in the basket with a parent.  Our guides accompany the tours on snowmobiles.  

Watch our videos to understand exactly how the tour operates.

QuestionHow many guests are on each tour?

Snow Sledding 6-8 guest participate taking turns like a relay riding in the basket or mushing the dog sled One guest rides in the basket while the other is the "driver" mushing the sled.  If you are a party of 2-4 you will be on the tour with other guests.  If you wish to be on the tour by yourself, Private Tours are available you basically pay for the entire hour.  Only your small group is booked on that tour.

Question How can I go out with just my family?
Answer You can book a private tour.  It will be on the pricing Tab after December 16, 2013. Private tours are only offered for a group of (4).  The cost is $360. What you are doing is purchasing that tour hour just for your family.
QuestionWhat if I don't want to mush the sled and just ride?
Answer Guest are welcome to come and ride along snow sledding - The cost is the same $60 per person.  We will have another guest or one of our guides mush the dog sled for you if you are not on the tour with another person.
QuestionWhat do I wear to go dog sledding or carting?


Winter Sledding is COLD - Warm clothes! Whatever you would wear to go skiing or snowmobiling!

Gloves & Hat are a must - it's cold! 

You will also get very furry playing with the huskies so be prepared! 

**NOTE** if you are not properly dressed for example wearing sneakers, and not wearing gloves,  you may not be allowed to go out on the tour.  

Question How many dogs are used to pull the sled?
Answer A team of 6-10 Huskies can be used (each can pull 50 - 70 pounds)
QuestionWhat kind of sled dogs do you use?
Answer Our dogs are Siberian and Alaskan Huskies.  We have one Lurcher mix named P'Nut
QuestionAre the Huskies friendly?
Answer Absolutely!  In fact they love meeting people, and love what they do! 
QuestionAre your Huskies pets?
Answer Absolutely - many of our fur-friends sleep on our bed! All spend the night inside. 
QuestionDo you offer a kennel tour?
AnswerAll our guests are encouraged to include time to "hang out" with the huskies.  They are extremely friendly and love people.  When we don't have snow we offer carting that includes the husky meet & greet.  When not offering dog sled tours, the huskies are not at the Manor.
Question How old are the huskies?
Answer Anywhere from  2 year to 10 years
QuestionDo you have any rescues?
Answer Yes, more than half our Huskies are rescues with amazing stories that they will share with you.
Question Where should we stay if we are coming overnight?

We recommend the Inn at Pocono Manor .

If you would like a smaller property like a B&B we suggest The Frogtown Inn www.thefrogtowninn.com

QuestionDo we have to be guests of the Inn at Pocono Manor to dog sled?
Answer No, but we do recommend it!
Question How early do I need to arrive for my tour?
Answer Please arrive 30 minutes prior to check in and receive your training.  As a courtesy to all our guests we will take tours out on time.  You do have to check-in for your tour at Manor Sports on Manor Drive.  You will then drive to our base camp set up found on Fairview Avenue. There are signs and a giant inflatable 9' Husky to help you find us.  
QuestionWhat if we are late for the tour?

We operate on-time as courtesy to our guests and will do our best to accommodate you at another time. Note that when guests arrive after the tour departs we may not always be able to accommodate you the same day or on the next tour when we are sold out.

Question What other things can we do in the Pocono's ?
Answer See the Pocono Tourist Board Site  The Pocono's are a vacation wonderland.
QuestionWhere can we eat in the Pocono's?

See the Pocono Tourist Board Site

We do suggest www.thefrogtowninn.com  6 Acres Restaurant.  Tell the Arctic Paws Huskies sent you!

Question Do you have a photographer on site?
Answer We stop and our handlers (guides) will take photos for you with your camera. **NOTE** Camera phones are permitted.  We **do not permit iPads** to be used as a camera on the tour.  Please use your camera phone or regular camera on the tour. Be aware that cold temperatures on the trails often cause the camera batteries to drain.  Keep your camera inside a pocket to keep warm.
QuestionHow long is the dog sled season?
Answer We operate as long as we have 4"-6" of snow.  Typically mid December through the last weekend inf February.   This year we have the calendar open for the first weekend in March 2,3, 2014.  Keeping in mind we have never operated that late in the year.  2012 was the first year we have not had snow all season. Think snow!  If you know a good snow dance ritual please share it with us!
Question Are there things to do at the Inn at Pocono Manor ?
Answer Yes, please see their website for info (Spa, Manor Sports, Sporting Clays, Cross Country Skiing)
Question Where can I find directions?
Answer Please click here for Map/Directions Tab  We are located on Manor Drive inside Manor Sports for check-in at N41 06.064' W075.22.545'.  Follow the signs to winter sports at the Manor (Manor Sports) Look for the 9' blow up husky and the dog sled signs.
Question Are there any Bed & Breakfasts in the area
Answer  in Canadensis The Frogtown Inn & 6 Acres Restaurant.  Tell Inn Keepers Joy & Steve The Paws Huskies sent you ! www.thefrogtowninn.com/ (570) 595-6282

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